Star Twin Seat VR

  • Exhilarating vibrational virtual reality with interactive motion senses
  • Amazing visual perception, real scene simulation, thrilling plot experience
  • Unparalleled virtual world
  • Surround sensations makes Star Twin Seat VR immersive
  • Wind and brush effect

Eagle Flight

  • Eagle Flight VR is a unique standing virtual simulation
  • Simulates flying, skydiving, parachuting, skiing, rafting and other extreme adrenaline sports
  • Safely clamped in position, you’ll feel weightless as you “fly”

Racing Moto VR Motorbike Simulator

  • Top speed motorcycle riding, roaring engine and fast spinning wheels
  • Environment special effects including wind-blowing, hip vibration and stereo sound
  • Multiplayer online racing competition with various game scenes.

VR E-Space Walk

  • All directional life-like scenes bring you deep immersion feelings in a virtual world
  • Customised motion capturing firearms and mechanical resonance platform to create perfectly synergised game scenes
  • On-Line competitive fights